Farm-To-Table Gourmet



Welcome to
The Garnet CafE!

The Garnet partners with McLane Farms to offer a farm-to-table experience. Located just a few miles away in the beautiful Cougar Gulch area, McLane Farms provides The Garnet Café with Berkshire Pork, Lamb and Beef as well as farm fresh free range duck and chicken eggs and freshly made Chevre. In the summer months McLane Farms also supplies The Garnet with farm fresh vegetables.  McLane Farms uses all natural methods to raise their livestock, including natural local feed. They do not use pesticides, hormones or anti-biotic medicine. All the animals lead a pampered and care-free life on the farm. McLane Farms products are also available for sale to the public. Inquire with your server. 


We are often asked how we chose the name: Garnet Cafe...The Star Garnet is Idaho’s official state gem or stone. They come in both four and six ray stars. The stars are caused by an internal sphere of small rods of rutile arranged along the crystal planes originated from the middle of the stone.